Lisa Geyl-Fernandes

Property & Portfolio Manager0488 515 150
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& an empathetic ear.


A traveller at heart, Lisa lets her knowledge of the world inform the way she manages her properties. Inspired by the human experience, it’s the people side of property management that motivates her day-to-day.   

Lisa knows that the good lies in the details. That’s why she focuses on making sure that investors and tenants know what to expect, so that everyone gets the best outcome possible. As an investor herself, not only is she fascinated by the quirks and different needs of each dwelling, she also understands the value of a dollar when it comes to her clients and their investments. 

Reliable both professionally and personally, Lisa has a community spirit, with weekends spent camping with the Cub Scouts or flipping pancakes with her children. Lisa is a down-to-earth conduit between people and their homes, and she intends to stay in the industry for the long haul. 

Efficiency, compassion, dedication & keeping it simple. This is the combination that Lisa brings to &Gray.