Image of formal wear

Sharp as a tack
& hats a-plenty

Tom knows his numbers. An accountant for over 18 years, and now a fixture in the real estate industry, his professionalism and work ethic have set him up well as the director of &Gray. It’s said that effort brings success; and with a solid understanding of both his team and technology, Tom has dedication and diligence in spreadsheets.

With a quick wit and the same appreciation for words as he has for numbers, Tom knows that the right questions yield the right answers — and it’s his interpersonal skills that have seen him slide seamlessly into real estate.

That, and his love for the tangibility of it all. A long-time Northsider, Tom sees property as the opportunity to own a personal slice of Australia and, whether it’s in the office or around the fire pit, he’ll do his best to help his clients get theirs. Social to the core, Tom never lets business as usual get in the way of the surf or the pizza oven — and as chief coffee maker, he knows how to start each day right.

Hardworking, resilient, trustworthy & quick to the punchline. That’s the combination that Tom brings to &Gray.