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Hand on heart
& authentically present.

Krystal knows that people will always remember how she makes them feel — which is why building lifelong relationships is second nature. Her intuition sees beyond face value and the result is clients who trust her process.

Energetic in character and visionary by reputation, Krystal exceeds expectations every day, because while she may look like a regular agent, she has no intention of acting like one. Krystal treats every interaction with genuine investment — and the kind of honesty that’s usually reserved for family. Because when she says she’ll give the best advice possible, she means it.

Years in the game, and in the neighbourhood, Krystal fuses locality with her experience. As a mother and a partner, life is full time, even after 5 pm rolls around. But finding the balance, and the time to fit in a Pilates session, is all in a day’s work for Krystal.

Resourceful, reliable, honest, & down to earth. That’s the combination that Krystal is bringing to &Gray.